What is MBM

A Decentralized Application

for interacting with MBM smart contracts and the MBM Platform software development kit to connect issuing partners, such as exchanges, wallets, and traditional finance markets members, to the MBM network allowing them to offer MBM’s NFT-based structured investment products to their clients.

The MBM Platform simplifies and standardizes structured investment products, making the terms easier to understand and simplifying the issuance process.

The final structured investment product is wrapped in a form of NFT with its own underlying assets and payout mechanism.

power of MBM

How Does MBM Work?

The issuance of the structured investment products requires interactions between the MBM collateralization pool smart contract and the MBM Platform smart contract for the product being minted.

An MBM Token holder can mint a structured investment product by locking MBM tokens as collateral in the MBM collateralization pool smart contract. The contract checks that the collateralization ratio meets the requirements for the product selected. Then the MBM collateralization pool smart contract instructs the MBM Platform smart contract to issue a new structured investment product in a form of an NFT and adds it to the user’s wallet.

Global Community

Why hold MBM Tokens?

MBM token holders will have access to the MBM Platform and will be able to earn a return from yield farming the tokens or buying structured investment products. The expansion of the MBM Platform offering and the growth of the MBM user base will increase demand for the MBM token. As institutional partners and issuing partners onboard the MBM Platform SDK, they will create a supply and demand cycle as they sell more MBM structured investment products and require MBM tokens to add to the collateralization pool.




Become a member of the MBM Platform and community of users to earn staking rewards, reduced processing fees on a fiat-to-crypto gateway, and access to create and issue decentralized structured investment products wrapped in a form of non-fungible tokens.

Profit Sharing

Earn profit sharing returns by contributing to the collateralization pool and supporting the onboarding of institutional issuing partners.


Decentralized Structured Investment Products in the form of NFT can be valued in real-time on a continuous basis so they are more readily tradeable in the secondary market.



MBM Token is an utility token built on the Ethereum network as its initial platform for the operation and it is governed by the Ethereum ecosystem’s smart contract.

  • Token Symbol MBM
  • Token Sale Start August 23, 2021
  • Token for Sale 90,000,000
  • Token Price $0.075 USDT
  • Token Network Ethereum Network
  • Max circulating supply 640,000,000

Token Allocation

1.7% Advisors
61.3% MBM Foundation & Treasury
3% Marketing 3%
14% Token Sale
5% Community Building
10% Team
5% Bounties

Use of Funds

40% Product Development
15% Sales & Marketing
15% Operations & Admin
6% Legal & Regulatory
24% Loan Reserve

Road Map

We are already building the platform. Over the next four quarters, we will develop, launch and refine the MBM Platform and launch the SDK for issuing partners.

Q3 2021
BTSE Listing
Off-chain staking
Q4 2021
Staking & liquidity locking
Q2 2022
MBM Wallet ecosystem
Launch of MBM-SIP & integration of chainlink oracles.
Q3 2022
SDK for the MBM-SIP
Q4 2022
Two way bridge to Polygon

Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to some of the common questions about the MBM token. If you have other questions, please get in touch with the team using the contact form below.

MBM is developing a decentralized application for interacting with MBM Platform smart contracts and an SDK to connect issuer partners, such as exchanges, wallets and CeFi banking clients, to MBM’s smart contracts so that they may offer decentralizes structured investment products wrapped in NFT to their clients.

MBM can be bought with BTC, ETH, BNB, and USDT

Total supply is 640,000,000


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